Soviet CoMECHtion: A Cherno Alpha Review by Numbers!


This review is used with the permission of it’s creator.

The views and opinions expressed in this review do not necessarily reflect those of Atomic Moo’s, but then again; we’re the guys who thought Star Trek IV was a good Trek movie, so it’s not like we’re doing a whole lot with our opinions anyways…

Hey El Moochadores, one of the brethren Moo, Numbers as we call him, is a guy who knows a lot about collectable toys and action figures. He even produces a great web comic, Ages 25 and Up, that features a cast of popular action figures. So, there’s no better a person on this Earth (well, at least the English speak parts) to tell us about the new Cherno Alpha figure from the hit film Pacific Rim as made by Neca!


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  1. I aim to please, yes?

  2. Now say, “Nuclear Wessels!”

    Excellent review and a very attractive action figure. I need to get out my paints and work on a few ‘Mechs this summer, before my eyesight goes kaput!

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