by Neko_Bijin

Welcome Back, Friends

Is that a blue moon in the sky? Time for another Neko_Bijin report from the world of tabletop gaming, classic science fiction, and film reboots! (Lord knows we need more of those!)

Shadowrun: Sprawl Gangers!


Some news on the Shadowrun front lately. It seems we’re finally getting the Shadowrun miniatures we’ve been asking for since 1988. From the Shadowrun Tabletop blog:

We are excellent at making books. We are just starting to reach a points where we do card games and boardgames.hallow012 But miniatures, particularly high quality miniatures, have kicked us in the teeth for years. For those that have following our BattleTech problems (which have finally been fixed!) and especially our Leviathans troubles (which are still unresolved), you know this has dogged us for a while. … That being said, we do appear to have finally met a team that may just be the ones we’ve been searching for for years.

Boy, do they ever! Check out the photos of the still-in-prototype miniatures on their site, and pray pray pray that a finished product sees the light of day, and soon!

Classic Sci-fi Novel Gateway Coming to TV


Gateway (1977) is the last great novel by the last great Silver Age science fiction author, Frederik Pohl. It depicts a world very like our own, where down-on-their-luck Americans have to work in the mines or sell their own organs to make ends meet. The few who can scrape together enough money buy a one-way ticket to Gateway, an asteroid full of spaceships that a race of aliens left behind for unknown reasons. Nobody (human) knows how to pilot them, so volunteers board up, push buttons at random, and hope to survive the trip. If they discover a useful planet, they get a cut of the profits. If not, they’re dead! Out of oxygen or burnt to a radioactive crisp.

Sounds great for TV, right? Well, it’s in development, so watch out!

Stargate Reboot


They’re making a new Stargate film without Kurt Russell. I couldn’t get into the TV series, but I enjoyed the first movie, even though my brain kept telling me how bad it was. (I had the same experience with The Fifth Element.) The premise for the first film seemed to have been cribbed from Zacharia Sitchin’s The Twelfth Planet series, a “non-fiction” account of ancient astronauts that was popular in the 1970s. Will the new film disappoint us as much as we dare hope? Time will tell, friends.

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