LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera by Scharnvirk!


Via Deviant Art: Early this week I posted about an amazing, LEGO, Venator class star destroyer, and now we’ve recently learned about this beautiful, six and half foot long, Imperial Class Star Destroyer; The Chimaera!lego_imperial_star_destroyer_chimaera_data_sheet_by_scharnvirk-d7kqoqc KEEN! We (the royal, “global”, we) can never have enough LEGO Star Destroyers! It took deviant artist Scharnvirk about half a year to build it and it really does look like time well spent. Now, we all need to encourage this LEGO master to make a (to scale) replica of a Super Class Star Destroyer. Sure, maybe Scharnvirk will have to move some furniture out the house… and maybe a wall… or two, but it would probably be worth it when finished.

Check out images from Scharnvirk’s deviant page below!

terraces_front_by_scharnvirk-d7ks0p0 lego_imperial_star_destroyer_chimaera_bridge_tower_by_scharnvirk-d7ks0e3 done_swarzewo_04_by_scharnvirk-d7knaf9 done_swarzewo_01_by_scharnvirk-d7knb78

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  1. I want to see a shot-for-shot remake of A New Hope using Lego and stop-motion. Models only for the dogfights!

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