The Doubleclicks - Dimetrodon - cover

Hey El Moochadores! Tomorrow that talented pair of geek muses (museses… muses’s… musie?), the Doubleclicks, will be releasing their latest album: Dimetrodon! The album (13 songs) was funded through Kickstarter with an amazing 1900 backers supporting the project! The Doubleclicks - Dimetrodon - backThe album was also produced by Mike Phirman (of Hard N Phirm). Now, because here at Atomic Moo we’re big time geek media (and I also like to think the Doubleclicks have a special fondness for us…), we had a chance to listen to this album and we can confidently report back that it is fantastic! It reminds me of being a kid and listening to my They Might be Giants cassettes. Yeah, I had cassette tapes. Not CDs. Cassettes. But, this much better. The girls songs are funny, quirky, and upbeat, while at the same time I don’t have to worry about the album being eaten by my player or rewinding it with a pencil.

I’ve posted a Youtube video featuring one of their songs below (Love You Like A Burrito), but the full album can be purchased at their website for just $10.00! Ten bucks for talented geek girl excellence! Go get it!


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