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Groan. Cool word and one I don’t get to use often enough. However, I’m about to review a book about zombies. Do Zombies groan? There are so many Zombie stories out there now, all with a different take on the strutting dead, that I’m not sure if they groan for brains anymore or not. I groan. Well, I groaned (a little) when I picked up my paperback edition of horror author Tim Lebbon’s latest novel,Tim-Lebbon-photo Coldbrook. “Not another Zombie story,” I groaned. Okay, not as cool as groaning, “Brains”, but it feels like our pop-culture is brimming with zombie stories and I wasn’t sure I wanted to start in on another one. However; Titan Books was nice enough to send me a copy of Coldbrook to review, and I’ve read (and enjoyed) Lebbon’s work in the past, so I mustered up what little zombie enthusiasm I had left in me and started reading yet another Zombie book that I found to be extremely entertaining.

Mixing the hubris of science with the destruction of civilization is kind of a staple in most Zombie stories, but Lebbon takes it to another level. In Coldbrook it’s not an accident, the zombie making plaque sweeping planet Earth is a precision weapon created by inter-dimensional zealots! Keen! Had they put that on the back of the book I would have been much more excited to have begun reading. The story begins in a state of the art research facility located in the Appalachian Mountains. Researchers have found a way to cross the multi-verse, but when they open a portal to another Earth, in steps a corpse who starts biting and spreading a fast acting virus. A virus which may have been contained in the research facility (Coldbrook) had one the stories principal characters not fled the scene and left the world exposed to a zombie plaque! Things go down hill from there.

Lebbon has a knack for building suspense and crafting the right response by his characters. Characters who do a good job of surprising the reader with their actions. I’ll admit: I don’t like zombie stories, and I really wish authors and film makers would take a good five year break from making more of them, but Coldbrook kept drawing me in and kept me turning pages. It’s a good read and probably one of the best of it’s genre, and also (I might point out) a good place to stop for awhile. Not forever, but a good five (maybe ten) years free of zombies, please!

Coldbrook can be found in stores now or you can get your copy on line here! Read and excerpt from Coldbrook online from Titan Books!


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