Hey El Moochadores, Beat Down Boogie (on the youtube) took their cameras to this years Colossalcon.com and brought back some very cool cosplay footage! There are three videos: COLOSSALCON 2014 – A Cosplay Paradise, SNAKE and GHOST do COLOSSALCON 2014 – the SEXIEST Cosplay Video Ever, More ColossalCon 2014. Check ’em out along with a few sample images from their Photo Gallery from Facebook. This is just a few samples, so go click the link to see way more.


10464385_672269746143368_8019904600188534098_n 10450870_672330266137316_5259515244934100962_n 10449462_672270759476600_5988336095288797854_n 10363949_672319969471679_158344824521559422_n 10352264_672590662777943_6750011527254886736_n 10256822_672270542809955_2059341021792484431_n

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