What would Kurt Russell do, is something most adult men should asks themselves every day – before every situation, but it is also a question repeatedly asked by MI37’s newest agent, Authur Wallace, as he struggles against a variety of cosmic horrors presented in Jonathan Wood’s new novel, No Hero. Wood’s energetic book is equal parts Lovecraftian horror, heroic action story, and an Edgar Wright film. Which is a good thing, as it was easy for me to image Simon Pegg in the role of Agent Wallace, and Nick Frost as his new friend, and Thaumaturgist, Clyde. Maybe the author had a different interpretation of his main characters, but I was happy to imagined the stars of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead doing their best to stop the insidious plans of aliens from another dimension known as the Progeny. All speculation aside though; No Hero is a fun journey into a weird world of tentacled monsters, magic, and mutations. Narrated by Agent Wallace as he is first introduced to the secret agency and then is immediately wrapped up in a mystery to prevent the death of a young psychic girl by the evil The Progeny, who for their part are just trying to summon their universe devouring masters (The Feeders) into our dimension. Again, What would Kurt Russell do? Well, probably cash a residuals check and then get Goldie Hawn to make him a sandwich. Not very applicable when dealing with interdimensional threats to our reality, but by having Wallace ask that question frequently through out the book Wood does an excellent job of juxtaposing a the overwhelming threats in No Hero and its very ordinary protagonist.

No Hero is available now in all major book stores, or you can get a copy online at Titan Books! Now, everyone who reads this book: When you’re done with it mail it to Edgar Rice, Simon Pegg, or Nick Frost so that maybe we can get the ball rolling on getting this made into a movie. Or maybe, at the least, just piss off a bunch of british film makers by burying them in paperbacks. All good all the same.

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