Marv 4

Via Dark Horse Comics: One of the reasons Chudd and I wanted to start Atomic Moo is that someday (soon…) we want to make really cool stuff for the site. Well, we’re getting there, but until then we’re left to appreciate the really cool products being produced by others. For example: Check out this 13 inch Vinyl Marv figure designed by artist Eric So and with guidance from Frank Miller! According to the Dark Horse post:

While best known for his groundbreaking toy designs, Eric So is also an accomplished designer in many other areas, such as men’s fashion and accessories. He is a legend in his native Hong Kong, and has made a name for himself worldwide.

In the same spirit as his previous collaboration with Dark Horse (a vinyl figure of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy) or his Nike-commissioned statue of Michael Jordan, So favors a humorous and cartoonish approach over realism. While Marv is depicted in his customary trench coat, he has been transformed through Eric So’s unique approach to angles and features. Still, the influence of Frank Miller’s signature style shines through.

The post also said that the figure will have bandage stickers you can put on yourself and its packaging will be “innovative and fun.” Heh. Probably shouldn’t talk to much about Marv’s great package… nyuck nyuck nyuck. Anyways, Check out images of the impressive figure below and hit the link above for more information. Marv should be on sale on September 10th, for about $150.00.


Marv 10 Marv 9

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