Via Fangoria.com: Good evening El Moochadores! Right now world famous horror magazine, Fangoria, and Studio House Designs are offering horror movie fans a chance to win two very cool looking Hellraiser prints! Here are the details as posted on Fangoria.com:

The contest is simple; since The Cenobites have their own brand of macabre justice, we want to know: What is your favorite HELLRAISER sequel, and Why? Email your responses to ken@fangoria.com by Midnight on the night of July 6th, and those with the most convincing arguments will win one of three Studiohouse prizes!image
For first place, the winner will receive both HELLRAISER prints as well as their choice of either their FRANKENSTEIN or THE AMITYVILLE HORROR prints (featured below). The second place winner will receive either their choice of the FRANKENSTEIN or AMITYVILLE prints, and the third place winner will receive a 25% discount code for any Studiohouse print.

Chudd is already writing up his submission, but what the hell! Our birthdays are coming up soon, and since you can go online and buy the prints for about $30.00 each, I might just get him one. Maybe. Anyways, these really are amazing looking prints. Be sure to check out the Fangoria website for more information and contest details and best of luck to all those who enter!

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