I’m trying to think of a good analogy for “a blend of things” that compares well with The Weirding Willows, A fantastic new graphic novel by Atomeka and Titan Comics. The collection of comics (1 to 6) mixes many of the fantasies of the 19th century into a brilliantly illustrated adventure tale starring a grown up version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice. Who just happens to be the daughter of scientist/ surgeon Doctor Moreau. Oh, and she doesn’t wear pants through most of the first issue. Anyways, I figured since this books blends different elements of other stories so well, I’d try to do some mixing of my own. Here goes: The Weirding Willows is like that big spit bucket you find on the counter of wineries during a wine tour. A big, swirling mix, of fine vintage goods. But, you know, without all the spit. huh. Okay, maybe that’s not such a good analogy. Check out the synopsis while I think of another one:

From Frankenstein’s Monster to a giant purple T-rex, from talking rabbits to winged monkeys, from a kidnapped Mowgli to a werewolf with a secret, there’s never a quiet day in the Weir – and Alice and her friends are all that stand between these worlds, and those who would exploit them.sample_4
In this first mysterious collection, Alice’s father, Doctor Moreau, strikes a deal with the Wicked Witch of the West, and Alice must uncover the truth behind the Witch’s request before her father commits to something he will regret!

I really enjoyed this graphic novel. Writer Dave Elliott connected worlds and crossed paths brilliantly to create a new fantasy landscape out of old stories. It had action, humor, and yeah, Alice is just the right amount of sexy and adventurous to make her worth reading. I also enjoyed the art, by Barnaby Bagenda and Sami Basri, which was fun and brought the critters to life. So, I guess I’m saying this comic is like a melted bucked of Neapolitan ice cream. Many great flavors oozing together to make one great warm sticky shake… oh forget it.

The Weirding Willows is available in all major bookstores or you can get your copy online at Titan Comics! I’ve posted a few sample pages below (found online, scanners down again…), but go buy the book to see more!

Sample_1 Sample_2 Sample_3

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