A new Robotech series based on Carl Macek’s last project at Harmony Gold


Okay, I was pissed about the Love Live Alive release last year. It was a complete rip off. However; I am a huge Robotech junkie, and if there is a chance to get more Robotech animation, I’d like to support the effort. So, in the spirit of mulligans: check out the Kickstarter for Robotech Academy!

Carl Macek, the producer of Robotech, was recently working with Harmony Gold on Robotech: Academy. This new series set in the Robotech universe follows several new cadets in their adventures around the universe. We are reaching out to our fans to make this a reality!
The Robotech Academy Kickstarter will allow us to gauge how much of a new Robotech series we could actually produce based on Carl’s original premise. We are setting our initial goal at $500,000 which will allow us to create an entire 24 minute pilot episode. This will help us cover character design, mecha design, 3D modeling, 3D animation, 2D animation, screenwriting, sound engineering, music composition, casting, voice acting and recording. This will also afford us a foundation on which to build future episodes.

Which all sounds cool except the 3D animation part. So, in the hopes that somehow the producers of this pilot see this, DON’T DO 3D ANIMATION OF THE MECHS! Let me repeat that: DON’T DO 3D ANIMATION OF THE MECHS! Shadow_ImgThe worst part of Robotech: Shadow Chronicles was the crappy 3D mech renderings! Anyways, my nerd dander is rising so… There are a bunch of great awards for contributing to this campaign, including a chance to be animated as a character in the pilot. Click the link above and see what you can do help get us s’more Robotech. Proper Robotech! Frigg’n 3D animation bullshit…

Check out the video below for more information!

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