Atomic Moocast #80: Psy-licious Interview with Nicole Brune!


Pin up artist Nicole Brune is back to talk about art, getting models into her hotel room, and Comic Con! Nicole is going to be at the San Diego con this week. You can check out her art, and models(!) at booth 4528.nicolega1 Also, we’re changing things up around here… a little. Check out the new intro and State of the Moo segment at the beginning of the podcast. So here we go folks! Episode 80 is fresh out of the digital oven and ready to served piping hot into your gaping ear holes! 80 episodes… wow! That is 80 episodes of the lowest budget podcasting excellence and it’s just a tap, click, or tap away!


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Songs used:

  • Funk Game Loop
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party

Show Notes and Links

Nicole’s Art

i__d_rather_kiss_the_wookie_by_nicolebrune-d5s8bzn 051_up_all_night_websize_watermarked_by_nicolebrune-d7157wf 046_cold_blooded_web_by_nicolebrune-d6bt2o0

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1 Comment

  1. The punishments will continue until confidence improves!

    You guys want a tablet? Like an antacid pill?

    Great Mouse Detective, awesome! Secret of NIMH, terrifying!


    You undersold this show. I really liked it. I feel motivated to go out and do something great! Maybe after a snack and a nice nap.

    On to 100!

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