Kickstarter campaign for a cool new indie comic

ACD Cover

Hello El Moochadores! Just starting today is a brand new Kickstarter for a cool new independent comic, Alt Control Delete (ACD)! Written and created by Ramón Govea and Black Mast Studios, this new comic series features the incredible artistic talents of Eddie Nuñez and Ander Zárate. Check out the story’s synopsis below:

Set in a futuristic world where video games have evolved into a virtual reality professional sport. Technology and games permeate nearly every aspect of life in a culture that thrives on games and competition and a society where XP is currency. The prevalent philosophy of this societySample_1 walks the border of trans-humanism: man and machine are beginning to merge, but not everyone is happy about it.

… rising star and professional gamer, Tess is in pursuit of her AWOL friend. When Tess’s secret investigation leads her deep into the gaming underbelly of New Angeles, she is faced with a choice: risk her tournament standings and follow her friend’s trail or return to the safety of the compound and forget what she’s seen.

What with all the MMO’s and other online games, this actually sounds pretty cool, plus the combined artistic talents of Zárate (colorist) and Nuñez (illustrations) is outstanding! The ACD Kickstarter has some pretty niffty rewards for contributors including a short story byPoster Maya Kaathryn Bohnoff (Star Wars: The Last Jedi), as well as t-shirts, and exclusive ACD posters! I’ve posted their Kickstarter video below as well as some samples from the comic. Check it out, but go visit their campaign for more information on the story and rewards for contributing! You can also follow ACD’s progress on Facebook.


samp_4 Sample_1 samp_2 samp 5

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