By all accounts the films Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, have both been huge successes at the box office, and a step forward in science fiction and film making. Now publisher Titan Books, and Twentieth Century Fox, are giving ape fans a unique, behind the scenes, look at the making of this wonderful franchise in one comprehensive hardback book.SONY DSC The Art of the Films combines the production process of both films including: character and set designs; insights into the revolutionary motion capture technology used during onsite production; and production art, models and props made for the films. The Art of the Films also includes exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of both films, as well as a foreword from director Matt Reeves. Here’s the basic synopsis:

The stunning new art book on Planet of the Apes! A growing nation of genetically evolved apes led by Caesar is threatened by a band of human survivors of the devastating virus unleashed a decade earlier. They reach a fragile peace, but it proves short-lived, as both sides are brought to the brink of a war that will determine who will emerge as Earth’s dominant species.

I’ve said in prior reviews that I love film art books. For the most part they are insightful glances at film making, but as a wannabe artist, they’re also great for reference material. So, I like almost all film art books, but I think this is probably the best one I’ve encountered to date.3NgVuxb Actually, it’s more like two books under one cover. The first half goes back to Rise of the Planet of the Apes and does a wonderful job of explaining the artistic and technical creation of Ceasar and the other apes. Crew members and cast, like Andy Serkis provide a vast amount of information about character development and the design of the film.image_3 Which is then combined with stunning behind the scenes images and artwork. The second half of the book, Dawn of the planet of the Apes was probably my favorite. Here the producers show how they made the beginnings of ape culture and how they explored tribalism and family. I love the images of the ape village combined with the symbols they developed to show rudimentary written language skills and social order. Overall, this isn’t just another coffee table book. The Art of the Films is an all inclusive insight into modern film making and a flat out fun read.

The Art of the Films: Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is available now in all major bookstores or you can get your copy online at Titanbooks.com! Below I’ve included a few sample images from the book I found on the web. Unfortunately the book is way too big for my scanner.

striking-concept-art-from-dawn-of-the-planet-of-the-apes1 artofapes4_large 791398533893265552 rise-of-the-planet-of-the-apes-concept-art-2 791398533346210192 dawn-of-planet-of-the-apes_the-art-of-the-films_concept-art21

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