An Atomic Moo Comic Review!


Okay, so a doctor tells a man he has six months to live, but the man can’t pay his bill so the doctor gives him another six months. Nyuck.

Sorry, but that’s the only joke I know about six months to live. Not that I think dying in half a year is a happy subject, but it is a brilliant set up to Titan Comic’s new comic, Death Sentence! In Death Sentence there’s the nasty G+ Virus infecting people all around the globe. The virus is deadly, but it infuses the infected with new abilities and superpowers. Which makes me ask, would I trade the rest of my life for a half a year of super human abilities? Answer: no. Fortunately the protagonist of Death Sentence don’t have that choice. They’re infected and they deal with it in away that takes super hero comics to a new level. Here’s the synopsis:

052213_deathsentence1Three people have contracted the G+ Virus, an infectious agent that gives you incredible powers – before killing you! What will struggling graphic designer Verity, failing indie guitarist Weasel and roguish media personality Monty do in the time that remains? Fade away – or go out in a blaze of glory? And if they choose to kick back… will there be anything left of the world when they’re through?

This isn’t just a comic, it’s the successful melding of punk rock and superpower comics. It’s a roller coaster of sex, addiction, acid touch, phasing, and callous humor. It’s fantastic! Written by Monty Hero and illustrated by Mike Dowling This is one of those comics that brings sequential story telling to another level. Death-Sentence-06-600x258It ranks up there with all time comic greats like Killing Joke, Saga, or Watchmen and demonstrates, in a powerful way, that comics can be for adults! I think readers will enjoy the chaos as Verity and Weasel, two people who can’t even manage their own lives, are thrust into the position of trying to save the world! Also, there’s Monty. I don’t want to spoil anything but his hedonism is epic. Anyways, I highly recommend this comic and urge you to add it to your collection of all time great stories. Also, if you could trade the rest of your life for six months of super powers, what powers would you want? Keep in mind, you’d die soon, but still…

Death Sentence is available in all major books stores or you can get your copy online at! Check out a few sample pages from the book below!

DeathSentence_Issue01_P8web_2.jpg.size-600 DeathSentence_Issue01_P14web_1.jpg.size-600 DeathSentence2PREVIEW5web_1.jpg.size-600 DeathSentence2PREVIEWweb_1.jpg.size-600 ds-4-page-1_web_1.jpg.size-600 DS-4-page-4_web.jpg.size-600

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