1980’s Album Covers by Rocky Davies!


Via Deviant Art: Illustrator Rocky Davies has created this bad ass series of mock album covers featuring famous movie villains of the 1980’s. According to Davies’s Deviant Art portfolio,80_s_albums_series_process_by_rockydavies-d7mdohc the album covers are vector based done in Illustrator with some lighting and textures done in Photoshop. Davies also posted a sample of his process, to give some idea of how the awesome is made. I’m really digging the Doctor Doom poster. Anyways, I’ve posted some sample images below, but go check out Davies website and deviant page to see more great art work! Now, I kind of feel like busting out the old white washed jeans (with tore out knees), pop in Appetite for Destruction, and watch a John Hughes flick.


joker___the_dreams_in_which_i_m_dying____by_rockydavies-d7m99n6 xenomorph___it_ain_t_personal_by_rockydavies-d7kcw30 shredder___i_want_to_know_what_love_is__by_rockydavies-d7l5w4l dr_doom___dealwithit_by_rockydavies-d7j4een

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  1. Funny stuff on that gallery. See if he’ll do an interview.

  2. Interview? Let’s do it! Thanks for the shout-out.

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