Atomic Moo Comic Review: ZEN Intergalactic Ninja 3D Convention Special

Zen 3D Cover

So I picked up my first issue of Zen the Intergalactic Ninja last weekend at Comic-Con, the 3D convention special, by Steve Stern and Dan Cote, and published by First Comics. I even got to chat for a little bit with Cote about his process of 3D conversion. I have to say, I love 3D—well, 3D comics that is. Nostalgia from when I was a kid and all. I’m thinking, if I ever can get my shit together, I would love to do some 3D projects for Atomic Moo. Anyhow, that’s a thought for later….

Looks like this was first put out back in 2010, but I missed out on it (better late than never…), and it was originally published in 2D back in 1993. The story seemed pretty basic: Big nasty alien world killer, called Qwake, has come to Earth, and Zen has to stop him. Fighting ensues. Again, I really enjoyed the 3D, and most of it looked great, but I’m thinking I’d like to learn more about Zen, and his back story. And what’s a proton stick? I’ll have to track down a few issues from the past.

I’ll add some images below from the book, so you can get a taste. Sorry, you have to get your own 3D glasses, ’cause I’m not sharing. If you want to read more though, and get your own issue, than you can pick it up here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Damn I should take these 3D glasses off… bugging my eyes now… Later!



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  1. Zen and 3-D. That brings me back.

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