Masters of the Universe!

Amazing art from Antonio De Luca


I didn’t think a cool Orko illustration was possible. Wow, was I wrong! Check out the fantastic Masters of the Universe art work by Italian artist, Antonio De Luca! De Luca is a professional illustrator and comic artist who has also worked as a video game designer, film maker, and painter. These are excellent illustrations, but where’s the Fisto? How come Fisto never gets any love? Anyways, check out more samples of his art on Deviant Art!


orko___masters_of_the_univers_by_antoniodeluca-d7v0jli man_at_arm___masters_of_the_universe_by_antoniodeluca-d7v0kx7 he__man___masters_of_the_universe_by_antoniodeluca-d7v0lu2

evil_lyn___masters_of_the_universe_by_antoniodeluca-d7v0kew sorcress___masters_of_the_universe_by_antoniodeluca-d7v0l9p

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  1. Orko and Sorceress look badass! Let’s see Tri-clops next. Why should Fisto get all the love?

    • Mister Trog

      08/14/2014 at 12:56 pm

      I think that question answers its self… and would also be a great title for a geek/country western cross over song.

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