Basic Adobe Photoshop Drawing Tutorial by Zarting Arting


Good morning El Moochadores! Both Chudd and I are practicing with digital drawing techniques, which means we’ve started to use more online resources to teach ourselves how to draw (and color) with a stylus and programs like Photoshop. Recently I came across this great tutorial, by youtuber Zarting, that shows how to illustrate and color Megaman from beginning to end. He moves a little quick, but the information is solid, so stand by with the “pause” button. You can check out the rest of Zarting’s online tuts here at his Youtube channel.

Also: Though I tried to draw Megaman (that one didn’t turn out so good…) I did use what I learned on this tutorial to draw Trog, a character from a webcomic I’m working on. The Webcomic is called Atomic Tails and, hopefully, I’ll be finishing the first set of 20 strips by this winter. Hey, I work full time, it gets tough to do what I want sometimes… Anyways, check out the Trog illustration below.



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