An Atomic Moo Comic Book Review

This last summer, at SDCC 2014, we met many talented comic creators, and checked out their independent projects. A stand out among the fantastic collection of creative talent, crammed onto the exhibit hall, was Unlikely Heroes Studios and their crowd sourced funded comic, Super!. Yeah, the exclamation is part of the title.About-Unlikely-Heroes Super! is a humorous, yet action packed, indie comic, about a world where Super Heroes are common place. These heroes are often shallow, and emotionally driven, pseudo-celebrities, dealing with personal drama while fighting a cast of over the top super villains. The adventures are mostly light-hearted, or self deprecating, parodies of classic super hero stories, and feature such characters as: Blitz, an up and coming new hero who is often overwhelmed by her new life; The Furious Fire Ant, think Iron Man, Batman, Ant-man, and Booster Gold rolled into one hero; The Streak, who can run really fast while being really naked; and The Unquenchable Lush, whom you should just read about. unlikely-heroes-studios-super-issue-1

The comic came to life through a Kickstarter for a 52 page first issue, but since completing a successful campaign, Unlikely Heroes Studios has produced several more issues, the first five of which can be found in a new hardback (Volume One) which features the talented work of Zachary Dolan (pencils, inks, and writer), Laurie Foster (inks), Tara Kappel (inks and pencil assist), Justin Piatt (writer and Letters), and Everardo Orozco (colors). Volume One also includes the cover art for each of the five issues, as well as some sample art, promotional ads, and cosplay from the Super! universe.

Super! really was a nice surprise from this last San Diego con, and it’s become one of my favorite graphic novels. The humor is sharp and, though it pulls a little from other comic sources, the stories are fresh and entertaining.3smashy412 Below, I’ve posted a few sample images from the comic along with a trailer from the website. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find where this volume is being sold, but when I do I’ll amend this post. However, if you are attending in the near future, and you come across an Unlikely Heroes Studios booth, I highly recommend you pick up volume one, or at least several issues. They did announce a Super! webcomic, but as of yet nothing has been posted to the new site.


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