Atomic Moo Comic Review: Monsters vs Zombies

Monsters vs Zombies

This might sound a little twisted, but when I’m driving home from work every night, stuck behind a bunch of mouth-breathers going 40 in a 55, I can’t help but to day dream of an apocalypse. I figure there wouldn’t be as many people on the road if the world had ended. Then I could get to where I needed to go with some sanity intact. I guess I just want to see fewer people on the road… and everywhere else in general. However, using zombies, vampires and Frankenstein’s monster probably isn’t the best way of achieving that (global-wide use of condoms would probably work just as well), but that’s what happens in the comic I read today, Monsters vs Zombies by Eric Dong and Vin Teng. I picked this up at Comic-Con a few weeks back, and I’m liking what I read. It’s got monster, zombies, vampires, and kung-fu all wrapped up in a nice little cozy apocalyptic world (where there’s less people, and those that are around are more than likely to travel at least the speed limit).

The book says this takes place in an alternate past New York City. How long ago? I don’t know, but it looks like humanity is having a rough time trying to survive, with the constant threat of monster attacks, zombies, and Chinese Kung-fu vampires (that might be a cool band name…). There’s some hope though with a young girl who seems to be immune to the zombie virus (but how’s her Kung-fu?).

For more information check out their website at I’m hoping there will be a second issue soon. So the next few cons I go to I’ll be keeping an eye out for Teng and Dong—Heh! We’re looking for “dong”… Ha! Sorry, I mean the artist Eric Dong… so we can get another book… not the other kind of dong. Not into that… I should probably shut the f**k up and close this out. Read the book! ‘Night folks!



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  1. You couldn’t resist the dong, could you? You saw it hanging out there, and you just had to grab it. Well, shame on you.

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