How to Build Your Fanbase


A Livestream Art Chat by Stanley Lau

Singapore pin-up artist, Stanley Lau (aka: Artgerm), recently did this Livestream Art Chat on how to build a fanbase for your artwork.S_Lau Lau’s art work is inspiring, and any opportunity to learn from him shouldn’t be missed. I’ve posted this chat below with a few samples of his work, but check out more of Lau’s Livestream Art Chat’s and his portfolio on Deviant Art. You can also follow Lau on Facebook.


batgirl_justice_magazine_by_artgerm-d7qrots cover_final_lr_by_artgerm-d7bkphv power_puffing_ladies_by_artgerm-d6y4xmf

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  1. “How do you build your fan base?”

    “Elf chicks with huge knockers.”


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