The Good and the Evil… Decks


Original – Custom Illustrated – Decks of Playing Cards by Designer, Giovanni Meroni

Hello El Moochadores! Since Chudd and I have a strong interest in graphic design (and vector based art work) I wanted to share this very cool set of playing card decks by Italian graphic designer, Giovanni Meroni. The Good and Evil Decks are custom made sets of playing cardseviltuck that combine original graphic design elements with traditional playing card sets. Each deck is individually illustrated, and the suits and tuck boxes are “the antithesis of their counterparts in the other deck“. That means they’re opposites. Don’t act like you knew. Anyways, each suit follows a theme: Clubs are Nature, Hearts are Passion, Diamonds are Violence (Evil Deck) and Bravery (Good Deck), Spades are Magic (Evil Deck) and Faith (Good Deck).

So far, Meroni has finished work on the Evil Deck (it even won a best deck contest)10d and he is currently crowd source funding the Good Deck via When finally completed both decks will come in “elaborate matte tuck boxes with embossed super-glossy UV elements.”

Check out a few samples of the Decks below and for more information on the Decks, or to show support for this project, you can check out The Good Deck, or check out the Good Deck on Facebook.

Dammit, now I want to go and play some poker. I’m sure I’ll win this time…


qod kod joh

s13 s10 s8

h12 h11 d8

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