Traditional Commission Drawings by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau

Hey El Moochadores, here’s another Livestream from artist Stanley Lau (aka: Artgerm) showing how he finishes a commission art work. It runs about an hour and a half,10264654_10152731956005159_1453498113985358676_n but it’s absolutely fascinating watching him ink and color the entire piece… and then cursing yourself for not being nearly as good. And then thinking about all the time you’ve spent laying about your apartment, snacking on Hostess fruit pies and watching cartoons, when you should’ve been practicing art. It’s not like you didn’t intend to make something, but your just kept putting it off until the day was done, and then it was too late to do anything, so might as well check out some free internet porn and call it a day… damn. I think I’m gonna go draw now. Anyways, Check it out and more of his live chats to learn from the master!


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