New Kickstarter Campaign for a Giant Size Annual!

“In the dark age of swords and spells – monsters and men, one hero defies them all. LOG! The ax wielding wooden giant!”


Good Morning El Moochadores! There is a new Kickstarter for a giant size annual of Legends of Log! Yes, an ax wielding, forest dwelling, giant piece of angry wood. Produced by D.L. Suharski and Paperback Jack Books, Legends of Log is a unique spin on the “Warrior Hero” tale set in a magical dark ages where a giant… log (yup… Log) protects the North Woods. Currently the Kickstarter is seeking funding to publish the first giant annual of the Log series. Check out the details:

LogIf you like giant monsters and swords and sorcery, then you just might like a giant size log swinging around a giant size ax. Welcome to the Legends of Log 1st giant size 2015 annual. Featuring 10 amazing stories and 7 talented artists who present to you some fantastic adventures of the mighty ax wielding wooden giant, known as LOG! Now some of you may be saying to yourself… “A log – with an ax? You gotta be kidding?” Or you may be saying… “A log – with an ax? A-w-e-s-o-m-e!” I hope you’re going with the latter. Because I think you’ll going to enjoy this 56 page giant size comic book of the Legends of Log. Plus the backers of this Kickstarter will be the first of few who will receive the 2015 annual in 2014… largeLOLissue1cover
(cont.) I started Legends of Log in 2012 by coming up with the idea from a comic strip I was drawing that just happened to include a humorous talking log. I took this character and imagined him as a giant warrior. Fighting monsters and sorcery back in the days of medieval times as he carried an ax around and yelled “TIMBERRRRRR!” Out of this idea came some stories. But I needed help to get these stories off the ground and into a comic book. And since I only draw the silly humorous characters, I needed this new Log character to be drawn more realistic than I could ever draw him, So I had to enlist some illustrators. And that I did. There are seven terrific artists that have made the Legends of Log stories come to life and are listed below. I won’t bother going through their credits because each one of them is a credit to their own work. And as you saw from the video above. It’s pretty amazing artwork.

Since all of the art work is already completed, Paperback Jack books just needs the resources to finish printing the annual.Log_Shirt Check out the Kickstarter for more information on the comic and also the cool rewards which includes the book, digital downloads, posters, and t-shirts! I’ve included the video for the kickstarter below along with a trailer for Legends of Log found on the main website. Go check it all out and help this get this great indie comic made.


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