by Neko_Bijin

Do you like stompy robot miniatures? And are you a cheap bastard? Well, you’re in luck. CAV (Combat Assault Vehicles) has a Kickstarter for their new line of *gasp* plastic miniatures. d119a2b8fea47dbb18eb67068808d93d_largeYou remember CAV as the cheaper ‘Mechs you could play BattleTech with. Well, as the video explains, metal prices are soaring (which is why somebody stole the copper out of your air conditioner unit), and plastic is expensive to start-up but cheap to produce, so if they can get over the current hump, it’s cheap ‘Mechs for everybody! Did I mention cheap?

Now everyone’s made the jump from metal to plastic, and I’m sad about it. Our great-grandfathers played with tin soldiers as boys, and the science-fiction robots that tromped about the battlefields of our youthful imagination were cast of similar stuff. Before long your unpainted BattleMaster will find a spot on Antiques Roadshow.

It’s starting to feel like there’s a real market for these figures like we haven’t seen since the mid 90s. With CAV, BattleTech and Robotech Miniatures all crowding this niche market, it’ll be interesting to see who winds up on top. How long will the tiny big robot boom last? Only time will tell, friends.

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