Spider-Woman Art Gutierrez

Check out these awesome looking Marvel Heroines Fan art by deviantArtist ArTGutierrez (Art Gutierrez). Damn, this guy has got some talent. I’m not sure if these were commissioned pieces or if this is just strait-up—for the love of it—fan art. I’m guessing the latter. I’m thinking that Spider-Woman (above) is my favorite here, but then again I’ve always had a thing for Psylocke… I dunno. It would be nice to pick up a print of these, but hell, even if he was selling them, I’m too broke to get one. Just got paid on Friday and most of my check went to credit card companies and student loans… bastards… Sorry, I’m getting off track… I’ll post a few of the illustrations below, but check out the rest of them here. Later!

Psylocke by Art Gutierrez Magik by Art Gutierrez Storm by Art Gutierrez

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