Rum Row


New Comic from Andrew Maxwell

Good evening El Moochadores. Right now there is a Kickstarter for a great looking new comic, Rum Row. this high flying adventure is written by Andrew Maxwell and illustrated by Michele Bandini. The comic is a prohibition era tale that “mixes Jules Verne and The Untouchables.” So it’s chuck full of airplanes, airships, and dirigibles. Dirigibles! Here’s the story:

To avoid dry laws, rumrunners and patrons alike have taken to the sky. Hot air balloons and dirigibles now serve as speakeasies and black markets for alcohol. The press has coined these flying bars above New York “Rum Row”. Despite operating outside the law, Rum Row has become a worldwide tourist attraction.8f99f400b7a402cfcf720bb90ea46526_large Faced with growing concern over the lawlessness of its airspace, the city has created a special aerial vice squad to monitor and crack down on the sale of alcohol. One ship in particular has been a thorn in the city’s side since the beginning: The Duchess, New York’s premier flying speakeasy. In this story, we’ll follow the NYPD’s attempt to take down the Duchess once and for all, through the eyes of one of its passengers, Jack Tinson. All the while, Jack’s own allegiances and motivations remain in question…

So far their kickstarter has met its goal (way to go!), but they have a bunch of great rewards for everyone who can still contribute. Rewards include posters, comics, t-shirts, and more. Check out the the Kickstarter for more information. I’ve posted a few sample images below along with the kickstarter video.


RR_12b RR_03 8b905a6787cd3821f01bbc4ba3cf897c_large

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  1. Jazz Age flying gangsters are the cat’s meow!

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