Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


An Atomic Moo Book Review of the Official Movie Novelization

I don’t know if this going to be a book review or a tirade on the current (shitty) state of the movie going experience. So, let me get the review out of the way first, before the rage takes over.

Written by Alex Irvine and published by Titan Books, the story begins ten years after the events in Rise of the Planet of the apes (I think they got the names backwards. Shouldn’t have been “Dawn of the…” for the first film and “Rise of the…” for the second film?), where a small nation of genetically altered apes, led by Caesar,Dawn-of-the-Planet-of-the-Apes-Wallpaper is prospering (thanks in part to a virus that has nearly wiped out the human race) in the forests of Northern California. However; there are some human survivors establishing a colony deep within the ruins of San Francisco, and when they try to reconnect the power, via a hydroelectric damn, they come face to face with their ape neighbors. Many of whom, like the scarred ape Koba, remember their time in the human labs and want revenge. kHowever; Caesar realizes that the humans are still armed and powerful. A war with them could destroy the apes and so he agrees to help a group of humans, led by a former architect Malcom, reconnect the power, but even that fragile peace between the two species is threatened by the vengeful schemes of Kobo.

This really is an excellent story, and (someday) I may get around to watching the film, but even without having seen all the grand special effect (and ape-raging danger) the story holds up by itself. The characters may lean a little bit towards typical (Hollywood) cliches, but not so much that ruins the overall tale. Caesar, and Malcom, represent the best of their new societies, while Kobo Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Filmmakes for the perfect villain. In Rise of the Planet of the Apes, he was subjected to all sorts of atrocities by the human scientists, and this drives him to want revenge on the small human settlement. Dawn (Just Dawn from this point on) also plays out the demise of humanity and the rise of ape society beautifully without spoiling, or rushing, towards the already well known conclusion. We know the apes will inherit the Earth, but Dawn is still full of surprises and humanities ultimate fate is not spoiled in the course of this story. Overall, an excellent read and, even though it’s been months since the movies release, I really hope this is Ape fans first experience with the story. Especially since going to movies is such a shit, awful, rotten experience these days.

Seriously, fuck you humanity. Fuck you for ruining something that should be really cool. Now, because of the grossly overpriced tickets and concessions, added with a great mix of smart phone addicted (loud), dip shits, I would much rather read a book then spend any time in a sticky, poorly managed, shit box of flashing CGI bullshit. How fucking hard is it to turn off a fucking phone for 90 minutes and shut the fuck up? Why is this so far beyond human ability? Turn the phone off, shut the fuck up, and leave your crying bastard at home with a sitter. Oh, and popcorn should never, ever, cost six bucks! ARRGGGHHHH!!! Wow. I kind of feel better now. It’s good to vent. Healthy I think.

Anyways, sorry about the rant, but the last movie I saw was Guardians of the Galaxy, and it sucked. Not the film (well…), but going to the movies sucked, because of stupid, rotten people. Maybe there should be an ape apocalypse just reset society, but then we’d just have to event killer robots to take down the apes… but then we would Martian help to take down our rebellious killer robots. Dammit, it’s all just screwed.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is available now in all major bookstores, or you can get a copy online at Titanbooks.com!

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  1. This is the best book review I’ve ever read. Yeah, six dollar popcorn? Eat your new giant iPhone instead.

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