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Street Fighter – Angry Goat Edition

Hey El Moochadores, the last few weeks have been kind of busy for Chudd and I, but we’re still working for the Moo and we got some cool stuff to post about soon! Atomic Moocast #86 is almost done and should be online shortly, also more book and art reviews later this week. In the meantime though check out Street Fighter – Angry Goat Edition! Produced by Marca Blanca, this video shows the only version of Street Fighter that I would be willing to play. Well, so long as I got to chose Goat every time! Go check out more of Marca Blanca’s stuff where you can also see Crazy Drunk Russian edition of Street Fighter. So, enjoy the video folks and bare with us in this slow time, we’re working hard behind the scenes to make Atomic Moo a bigger, faster, more powerful website about creativity and super powered bovines. This stuff takes time…


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  1. I too hate Street Fighter! Gosh, it’s lonely in here. Remember how interesting video arcades were before it showed up and killed off all the other games, and then the arcades also? I do, like it was yesterday.

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