Expressions and Poses for Dragons!


Tutorial by Sammy Torres!

Via Deviant Art: Hey El Moochadores! It’s been difficult posting anything for Atomic Moo this last couple of weeks, but I’m trying to get back on track with at least one daily post about something creative or inspiring.

Lucky for me I came across this great tutorial on drawing dragons by animatorCapture Sammy Torres (aka SammyTorres) on Deviant Art. Torres goes through and shows every step of the process for constructing a dragon and adding emotion and definition to the drawing. What I like about this tutorial is that all these steps can be applied to other forms of cartooning or animation. She also demonstrates how important reference images can be for creating a pose or emotion. I’ve posted several times before about a comic strip I’m currently working on about mice figures (Chudd and Trog) and studying tuts like this is helping me create the characters and world I want. Anyways, I won’t post the full tutorial here. For that you’ll have to got to Torres’s Deviant Page where a full (FREE!) download of this, and many other, tutorials can be found! Also, check out some sample work from Torres’s Dragon works below!


annecy_dragon_lineart_v02_by_sammytorres-d7h3r98 isn_t_it_odd__by_sammytorres-d7cx2vr just_flap_your_wings__by_sammytorres-d7p70rw

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  1. Ha! Reminds me of Godzooky from Godzilla, the cartoon.

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