An Atomic Moo Book Review of the Prelude Novel to AMC’s Cop Drama

Fans of AMC’s cop drama, The Killing, now get a chance to read about grizzly murders in drizzly Seattle in through a new novel from Titan Books! Uncommon Denominator, preludes the events in the television series (season one) with a dark, and engaging, murder mystery. Here’s the synopsis:

When firefighters respond to a suspected meth explosion at a trailer park, they discover a man’s body, unburned but with terrible head wounds. Meanwhile, another man is discovered in a shipping container at the Port of Seattle, shot execution-style. For Homicide Detective Sarah Linden, two cases soon become one, and she must unravel a complex web of addiction, greed, and betrayal to reveal the killer.

The Killing is unique among other cop dramas because it takes its time with its murder mysteries. It isn’t a show that presents, and solves, a mystery (not counting commercial breaks) in one hour.tk3-linden-holder-2-325 The drama is steeped in character development, and actual mystery, which can take several episodes (seasons) to resolve. So, it’s incredibly refreshing that author Karen Dionne retains the shows sense of mystery and investigation in her novelization. Thanks to Dionne’s writing, Uncommon Denominator perfectly captures the “noir” feel of the television show and strongly represents its characters. And, it’s all mystery! The crime has already happened, but it’s up to the detectives Linden and Goddard (Holder plays a part, but in this book he’s still working undercover) to suss out what happened and make the arrest. After having read her book and watching the first season of the Killing, I feel her portrayal of detectives Linden and Holder was dead on (no pun intended) and that she wrote an engaging murder mystery that follows all the twist, turns, and dead ends, that makes the television show better than most.

Uncommon Denominator is available now in all major book stores, or you can get your copy online at Titan Books! Also, all four seasons of The Killing are now available to watch on Netflix!

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