The Atomic Moocast #86!


Interview with Rum Row Creators Andrew Maxwell and Michele Bandini!

NEW MOOCAST!!! Finally! Wow, this was a tough one to get done. Almost like the universe didn’t want it to happen, but damn the fates! We wanted to Moocast, and Moocast is what we did!

RR_Cover On this episode we talk with independent comic creators Andrew Maxwell and Michele Bandini about their fantastic new comic: Rum Row! Rum Row is a prohibition themed “aerial crime adventure” and chuck full of dashing heroes, dames, dirigibles, and fighter planes! It’s keen! Congratulations to Andrew and Michele on a successful Kickstarter campaign and getting all their funding!

So let’s get into it folks! The propeller is spinning and this Moocast is ready to launch! Go, (now!) and get some tasty snacks and a cool fizzy beverage, then sit back in calm, comfy, chair and start the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!


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Songs used:

  • Funk Game Loop
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party

Show Notes and Links

Rum Row

8b905a6787cd3821f01bbc4ba3cf897c_large 8f99f400b7a402cfcf720bb90ea46526_large RR_12b

Tail Spin Intro

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  1. Hey, guys. This comic is the bee’s knees!

    Here’s some more Dieselpunk things:

    * Crimson Skies [board game, video game]
    * Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow [movie]
    * The Rocketeer [movie]
    * Castle in the Sky [cartoon (anime)]

    The reason your guests didn’t want to call it Steampunk is because the flying machines aren’t coal-powered, they’re gas or Diesel-powered. The look is different, too. The men aren’t in top hats (except at the opera) and the women don’t wear corsets or bustles.

    And yes, the Zeppelin liners had a smoking lounge. Luckily, hydrogen rises, so it wouldn’t seep down into the passenger cabins (probably).

    • Mister Trog

      10/13/2014 at 8:48 pm

      Okay, Neko, all of those are informative and valid points, but where are pro or con Point Break. That’s what’s important right now.

      • I guess I’m mildly pro. It’s a ridiculous movie, like a lot of 90’s blockbusters. I rate it above Speed but below Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

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