Just Another Nigerian Drama

An Original Webcomic by Modé

Good evening El Moochadores! At Atomic Moo, independent, and web, comics are some of the best things in the world, and we love it when we’re introduced to someone’s new project. So, in true indie spirit check out JAND, an original webcomic, updating twice weekly, that focuses on the lives of Nigerian university students living in the United Kingdom. Produced by professional illustrator, writer, and Jeweler, Modé (by the way, I actually learned how to type that accent mark, which I’m kind of proud of…) with coloring and backgrounds (strips 50 +) by concept artist Segun Samson. The strip follows the lives of eight students and is a “slice of life” comic dealing with work and relationships. Some comics do feature explicit content (mostly cussing), but it’s also gives a look at a culture many of us here in the states wouldn’t otherwise encounter. Oh, and “Jand” is also a slang term in Nigerian pidgin English which means “England.” You see the stuff you learn when visiting Atomic Moo. Keen. Anyways, Check out a few sample comics below, but you can follow the entire series of strips at the JAND website.


comic012 comic027_1 comic028

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  1. Okay, I kind of hate the art style. It looks like a chalk drawing on a wet sidewalk. But I’m really interested in the soap-opera story just based on those panels. Maybe if I got into the story I wouldn’t mind the style so much. *shrug*

    You had a pair of Nigerian comic artists earlier. Is Nigeria the next thing? It’s a huge country full of frustrated youngsters. Could be fertile ground for pop-art. Let’s see more!

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