Atomic New Book Review of Samit Basu’s New Novel!

Resistance is the incredibly powerful, and fun, sequel to Samit Basu’s 2013 novel, Turbulence. Published by Titan Books in 2014, Resistance begins eleven years after the fateful flight of British Airways 142, when all persons on board received super powers. Since that flight, and the subsequent formation of the international super hero team; the Unit,Turbulence sales cover the world has had a second wave of “new supers” and now planet Earth is brimming with super heroes, villains, and a young god. However, Supers are being killed and a very powerful global corporation is threatening billions of lives and it’s up to the mind controller, Uzma, and the Unit to stop them! MuHahaha!!!

Both Turbulence and Resistance are fantastic adventures that speak to the heart of geek culture. These stories parody, and serenade, the comic books, and science fiction, I’ve loved my entire life without pandering to current fads or my fandom. In Resistance, Basu writes the perfect sequel with stronger villains, more dynamic action, and deeper relationships between the characters; who’ve now lived more than a decade in a world of super powered shenanigans. I especially enjoyed Basu’s imagination for how modern super powers may manifest themselves. Sure, there are the supermen and women, there’s even a super-president, but highly imaginative powers spring up in the form of Super Photobombers and Super Viral Marketers (who is also one of the most hated people on the planet). Brilliant! There is also and almost cinematic, or film like, quality to Basu’s writing that makes it almost feel like I’ve “seen the movie.” His descriptive power and writing style lead readers through an amazing roller coaster of adventures that include kaiju, power armor, Mad Scientist, and Tias. Tia! Good god, the one superpower that could save millions of lonely nerds… Anyways, I enjoy many of the books Titan sends over to review, but I absolutely loved Basu’s two novels. His books are strong reminder of why I love movies and comics and I’m very much anticipating the third novel. If there is a third novel… better be a third novel… There’s gonna be third novel, right?

Resistance is out in all major book stores now, or you can get your own copy online at!


If you could have any super power -not including flight or invisibility- what would it be?

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  1. Bender: “With my mighty robot powers, I can get sick of things much quicker than you ordinary humans.”

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