I just want to say one word to you. Just one word. Plastics

It’s getting crowded in here. Heavy Gear is joining BattleTech, Robotech, and CAV in launching plastic robot figures for tabletop play. So at this late stage, what does Heavy Gear bring to the table?

There can be only one. Maybe two. Three at most.

BattleTech’s plastics figures are now on American soil and trickling out to retail shelves next month. The Robotech figures have wriggled through customs inspectionBlack Talon Primary Insertion Team Big and have been seen in the wild after a two-year process, which CAV has already undertaken. Now Heavy Gear brings up the rearguard. (Are there any other big robot franchises left?) So how is Heavy Gear going to stand out in a crowded field? What’s their ace in the hole?

O, Canada!

Unlike the other three franchises, Heavy Gear, a Canadian outfit, will produce its plastic figures in North America. (Metal figures are already mostly made locally in small workshops.) This could and should shorten their turn-around time. The world is getting smaller, but it’s still pretty damn big the long way around!

America, F– Yeah!

In FAQ, they’ll be produced in the US. Where, I wonder? And how well is the site guarded?

Rejoice, big robot fans! You’re spoiled for choice in this new golden age of tabletop gaming. If only my wallet were fatter…

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