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Despite feeling somewhat hung over and a little noxious, Trog and I managed to make our way up to L.A. for Comikaze yesterday. Unfortunately we got there kind of late (got lost on the way up—damn GPS). Still, we went! It was great to run into some familiar faces, such as Sir Noel from Destiny Comics, Lia Scott Price, The Winner Twins, and Josh Henaman. We picked up some indie comics that hopefully Trog or I will get around to reviewing soon. Also, we tried to take plenty of pictures as well (which I’ll post a few down below). Got an AWESOME parking spot to! I dunno, that just kind of made the con for me. I’m definitely looking forward to next year. Hopefully we’ll both be in a better situation then that, maybe, we can go all three days. Who knows, it may happen. I am glad to have gone this year though. Every con I get to go to gets me fired up to work on my own projects (like Atomic Moo), so I should probably stop jabbering here and get to work. Later!

Trog Chudd Muck

Iron Man TaunTaun Riders Sir Noel Joker Mia Wallace Darth Vader & Batman Dr. Strange Moss Delorian Stranger Comics Gomez & Morticia Girl Ghostbusters
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  1. OK, axe girl is pretty fierce, but the Ghostbuster chicks are really on!

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