Proper Way to React to the New Teaser Trailer by Rich Evans and Red Letter Media

Via Red Letter Media: Ponder for a moment and imagine that you’re like us (good old Chudd and Trog, but with less charm, imagination, and wisdom…) and you love the Star Wars, but you’re not sure how to feel about the upcoming Episode VII, and it’s recently released teaser trailer. After all, the prequels were a mighty let down, and J.J. Abrams work on the Star Trek franchise was (in your humble opinion) terrible. However; the new teaser trailer piqued your interest, and it was actually kind of cool to see the Millennium Falcon (in all it’s CGI glory) back in action. Your Star Wars drenched thoughts, and emotions, are clouded and confused, and you just don’t know how to feel, or react, to the minute long teaser trailer. Well, fret not young padawan! Mr. Plinkett and Red Letter Media our here to show us the proper way to react to new Star Wars! So, shelve your emotions, thoughts, and opinions – and dive deep into the Youtube powered wisdom below! God bless America.


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