Cool Pop Culture Art by Illustrator Carlos Olmo

Via Sure, we’ve all doodled on the various newspapers and magazines that have crossed our paths; because drawing a mustache and boobs on Vladimir Putinn is always fun, but artist Carlos Olmo takes it a bit further by rendering pop-culture figures like Superman, Wolfman, and Star Wars over the images of newspaper stories. I’ve posted a small sample of Olmo’s work below, but check out the Geek Art article for more images and information.


Carlos-Olmo-dessin-au-pinceau-et-acrylique-du-capitaine-au-686x1123 Carlos-Olmo-dessin-au-pinceau-et-acrylique-sur-le-journal-le Carlos-Olmo-dessin-pinceau-acrylique-posca-et-typex-sur-le

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