The Atomic Moocast #88!


Interview with Independent Web Comic Creator, Modé


It took a while, but here’s episode 88! Where in we talk with artist/illustrator Modé. She’s Nigerian artist and creator of the webcomic, JAND,JAND and she was frigg’n awesome to talk with!

Also, the work continues on Atomic Moo issue #1! Listen to our first segment and hear us develop the plot and respond to fan(?) input. All in all, Moocast excellence and an audio experience you don’t want to miss!

So, here we go folks! Stop what you’re doing just long enough to prepare for a podcast’n experience that’ll set your ears a blaze (ear blazing not guaranteed…) and establish a new bar for low budget – podcasting experience! Go, NOW, and grab that frosty beverage from the fridge and secure the most comfy (warm) place with in your refuge! Then all that’s left to do is put your cursor above the start button and click play on the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!


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Songs used:

  • Funk Game Loop
  • As I Figure
  • Who Likes to Party

Show Notes and Links

More Show Notes to Come… gotta go to work. Damn.
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  1. Hey guys! As a MooCast listener, it seems like all this universe/backstory building is really impeding the creation process. You have all you need to write the first story of Atomic Moo, and since it seems like you’re open to fielding opinions here’s my two bits…
    The villain (the bigger bad) you are trying to create doesn’t need to be fleshed out yet, simply establishing the fact that he/she/it exists is enough.
    How did the Moo get her powers? Not even be necessary to reveal that – just like where she got the luchador mask, a story for another time. One page showing a UFO crash landing at dairy farm is all you need to set the backstory for the Moo. If you follow it with a page that leads with a caption “five years later” or “present day” or “now”, you’ve quickly and easily established a gap in your timeline that you can go back and revisit whenever you need to provide details on the characters.
    What are the specific powers of the Atomic Moo? Who cares? The plot will determine her strengths and weaknesses. Do you think there was ever a sit down to figure out what Batman carries in his utility belt? No, he carries (conveniently enough) whatever the plot needs him to have at the exact time he needs it.
    Cosmic conflict, shadowing government agency, beef rancher horning in on a small time farm family, little girl fell down a well…I suggest starting smaller, give the reader characters to care about, then reveal details about the characters, then set up the greater conflicts down the road.
    I think it’s great you are giving this much care to your universe, but if the goal is to produce a comic, then start producing a comic. Write a story (short story, standard issue, comic strip) featuring Atomic Moo, illustrate it and publish it. It’s what the people want. Give the people what they want.
    Take care, fellas. Keep up the great work and thanks for allowing the production of Atomic Moo comic to become a part of the MooCast, a pulling back of the curtain if you will, as your process compliments the interviews you hold.
    PS – the cow-tipping/fly swatting gags are pretty funny – definitely worth considering.
    PPS – Cyborg! Nice! I’d pay extra if you make your big bad sport dusty, old Oakley Blades.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Kyle. It feels like the last couple weeks Sean and I have been putting more into it. Both of us have been writing out ideas, and then we share them at night after work (heated arguments and fist fights soon follow). I think one of the most difficult parts about this is getting over our anxieties and laziness, and just do it. It’s like drawing. It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn how to do, but always found ways not to do it. That’s kind of why I started the daily sketch. I think I took the anxiety about drawing away, by saying I don’t give a shit about what I draw, or how it looks, I’m just going to sit my ass in a chair and do it. I think we need to start treating the Atomic Moo story the same way (except with this I do care about how it will look…). Anyhow, thanks again for the feed back.

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