Splash Heroes!


AurumLight 2015 Milk Calendar!

I’ve found my true calling in life, folks. It took awhile, but now I know that from this point on I’m to hurl buckets of ice cold milk at beautiful naked girls, and take pictures of it. Yes, it may have it’s own challenges, but I’ll approach it like any artist would by thoroughly explore the medium. Maybe even move away from milk, and hurl logs of cheese and curd at the ladies…

Anyways… check out this really unique form of photography using splashes of milk, photoshop, and (yes) naked women from polish artist Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz! Wieczorkiewicz and crew have used a unique form of photo techniques to create costumed super women15920201215_2eb7507178_o out of splashes of milk and they are currently offering a limited edition calender featuring the amazing images! The calender measures 480mm x 330mm and being a limited edition, every calender is numbered and signed. Click the links above for more information on the calender, and check out the video below to see how the images are made!

Now, I’m off to start my own naked girl/milk based art. All I need now is a few gallons of milk and some women. Women, feel free to e-mail me if you want to pose. I won’t pay you anything, but I promise to throw buckets of ice cold milk at you… and maybe take a few pictures of it too.


AurumLight – SplashHeroes – 2015 Milk Calendar from Aurum Light / Jaroslav on Vimeo.

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