Masters of the Universe Fan Art!


Via Deviant Art: Good morning El Moochadores! Before I leave for work (ughh) today (first day back in about a week… damn), I wanted to post about this incredible looking Masters of the Universe art by Australian illustrator, DrFaustusAU! Though he says they are digital illustrations, I think (THINK) that these are vector based art, but I could be wrong. All the same though, they are pretty amazing!

Click link above to see more of his portfolio on Deviant art! Now I’m off to earn the minimust of wages…


zodac_by_drfaustusau-d3hhmil tri_klops_by_drfaustusau-d3hhmrh teela_by_drfaustusau-d3hhm8d

skeletor_by_drfaustusau-d3hhm0e ram_man_by_drfaustusau-d3hhmkr mer_man_by_drfaustusau-d3hhmg1

mekaneck_by_drfaustusau-d3hhmw8 man_e_faces_by_drfaustusau-d3hhmp7 man_at_arms_by_drfaustusau-d3hhm2p


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  1. Cool! But where’s Fisto?

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