Love is a Battlefield!


Cool New Art by Rocky Davies

Okay, I’m sick. Really, really sick. My head feels like it’s melting. g’ehhhh! I hate getting sick. Worst yet, I took a bunch of NyQuil just before bed, and fell asleep while watching Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. Those were some bizarre, inescapable, nightmares last night. Damn.

Anyways, Speaking of stuff from the 1980’s, and while I recover, check out this great new bit of 80’s styled art from Rocky Davies! It’s the Baroness in a new piece called, “Love is a Battefield,” and also looking really good in a head band too. Not a lot of girls can do that. Wow, did I mention how dizzy I feel right now. Fuck’n NyQuil. So, check out this fine bit of G.I. Joe fan art and also, check out our interview with Rocky on Moocast episode #83! It was keen. Okay, so enjoy the art. I feel like I must go find a safe place to shiver and die now.

I hate getting sick.

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  1. Pat Benatar as Baroness?

  2. Hey I just saw you posted this! Thanks guys! I have a couple new 80’s pieces since I was on the podcast. You’ll have to see the other ones too, a cool Freddy, Stay-Puft and Skeletor.

    • Mister Trog

      01/24/2015 at 8:16 pm

      Your Welcome, Rocky! I just saw the Freddy, Stay-puft, and Skeletor art. Frigg’n awesome stuff! We’ll have to post about them too!

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