An Original Serial Podcast!

Okay El Moochadores, after a week of being sick I think I’m starting to feel better. I’m at least coughing up less goo, which is a positive sign. Anyways, I’m way behind on posts, and Moocasts, so it’s time to get back to work! Starting with…

The Blue Dart!!!

Now, most of us have learned what a “blue dart” is by the age of twelve, and a lucky few of us have the scars to remember it by… However; the imaginative minds over at Creator’s Edge Press have spun this all ages prank (we learn at twelve, but the fun lasts a life time) into an epic online radio drama! Check out this very funny, and well produced, audio serial podcast about a super powered alien who, after crash landing on Earth, becomes the champion of Bigg City! Now on planet Earth, the Blue Dart teams up with local drunk, Wendell Stokes, and starts punishing Bigg’s City’s evil doers! Keen.

bd_ep3_cover_web (1)

The show follows the same style of the early radio dramas of the 1930’s and ’40’s, but with more fart jokes… It’s actually a lot of fun, and there’s real quality in the production value and writing of the show. Troy Lund does an excellent job voicing the Blue Dart, along with excellent narration by creator Steve Hill. Currently there are six episodes that can be found on, but for some reason only half of each episode would play. That could just be a problem with my player, or computer, but full episodes can also be found on iTunes, just search “Blue Dart.” The series is produced by Creator’s Edge Press, and written by Travis Bundy and Steve Hill. Check out the Creator’s Edge Press website for more information about the show. You can also check out the first episode here!


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