Some What Current News from Not News Guys…

Good morning El Moochadores! The damn brakes need fix’n! I hate it when real life stuff fucks with my made up world. Shit…

New “Robert Valley” Wonder Woman from DC Collectibles!


Via Comic Book Resources (CBR): Check out this incredibly cool new statuette from DC Collectibles based on the wonderful short animations by Robert Valley. There isn’t much information about the statue, but check out a promo video for it below along with one of the animations!

Star Wars Games On Gog.com


Maybe if you’re more tech-savvy then I am, then you’ve already found a way to get old games like these, but I’m not tech-savvy. Hell, I barely know how to use twitter. So, I think it’s kind of cool that these older Star Wars games are now available for digital download. According to Starwars.com, the website Gog.com is now offering classic Lucas Arts games like: X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter, Galactic Battlegrounds, and (my favorite) X-Wing: Alliance! The games range in price form $4.99 to $9.99, which is a bit much, if I were asked. But I wasn’t asked. Okay, I loved playing these games, a long time ago in a… never mind, but c’mon $9.99 for Tie Fighter? Bring it down a bit Gog.com. The economy is only good for the rich right now.

Okay folks! I’m off to do stuff I hate doing. Keep check back to the site for more stuff today!


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