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ohmygodIhatewakingup. Hey El Moochadores! I’m tired. But I’m here! That’s what counts, right? Or at least it should. Too bad life doesn’t reward you for minimal effort. Anyways…

For today’s Morning Moo, we got new art from Nicole Brune and Kyle Roberts! Groovy.

Mermaid by Nicole Brune


Artist (well, we call her “fine” artist… get it? “fine.” Doudouble enten… eh, nevermind… I gotta wake up more before I start writing) Nicole Burne is currently working on a new Mermaid piece. The example shown above isn’t finished yet, but so far, it’s looking pretty damn good! Check out more of Nicole’s work on at her web site, or on Deviant Art!

Jill Trent, Science Sleuth #1


Independent comic creator, Kyle Roberts is a contributing artist for a new comic, Jill Trent, Science Sleuth! Currently the comic is seeking funding through Kickstarter, and there’s still time to help contribute! The comic is about a woman (Jill) who, along with her faithful partner Daisy, uses science to solve mysteries! According to the Kickstarter page, the comic is already finished, they just need funding to help get it published. Check out the Kickstarter video below along with a more complete synopsis.745d924e93cb89817edad1112f698b5a_large Also, just remember that helping independent comics is one of the few sure ways to enter Valhalla. I’m pretty sure.

Jill Trent, Science Sleuth was a comic book heroine published in the mid-1940s who solved mysteries and caught crooks using her scientific genius, improbable inventions, and the fighting prowess of her faithful partner, Daisy Smythe! Now, more than 65 years later, we’re bringing Jill and Daisy back in JILL TRENT, SCIENCE SLEUTH #1, a 28-page comic book featuring 5 stories by 5 creative teams! Each stand-alone story reimagines the Science Sleuths in a new way, including a range of racial and ethnic identities and time periods, from the 1940s to the not-too-distant future. Suitable for all ages, the short stories in JILL TRENT, SCIENCE SLEUTH #1 include both a mix of “real” science and goofy sci-fi, celebrating women in science with an undercurrent of feminism.

You can also check out more of Kyle’s art, and comic(!), at the The Dark Hours!
The Dark Hours

Okay, I’m off to save the world! No, not really, but I will earn a poverty level minimum wage… and maybe buy a donut. So, that’s something.


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