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Good morning El Moochadores and fellow Brethren Moo! For this Morning’s Moo we got a great mix of new Lego stuff, indie gear, and guitar strumming karate. Very cool.

Lego’s SHIELD Helicarrier Set!


I first read about this on The Wall Street Journal, but many of the images, and the video below, I found on the website Laughing Squid. Anyways… Lego just announced that it will be releasing a new, Helicarrier play set and Avengers mini-figures! According to the Wall Street Journal, the set will have 2,996 pieces and will retail for about $349.99. The set will also come with twelve “micro-figures” (the little Lego dudes) including Nick Fury, Hawkeye, Captain America, Iron Man and eight agents of SHEILD. Okay. So, I need new eye glasses and dental work, but I guess that shit’ll have to wait.

Check out a promo video below along with some sample images of the set.

lego_helicarrier_big helicarrier3_big helicarrier2_big

New Steam Crow Patch!


One of our favorite indie creators has just released this niffty looking new patch! Check out Steam Crow’s new four inch patch featuring the classic Steam Crow logo. The patch is 100% stitch with an iron back and can totally be yours for a meager $8.50. Also, go check out their online shop for more cool prints, stickers, buttons, and much more. Spooky cute.

Finally… Flaming Karate Guitar


Also via Laughing Squid: Today, bad stuff may happen. However, if (and when) life get’s you down, just return to this post and watch a man, in a karate gi, chop through flaming boards (with his bare hands) while playing the guitar!!! Watch that, and just know that things will get better because… Somewhere out there, there is a man, in a karate gi, chopping through flaming boards (with his bare hands) while playing the guitar!!!

Have a great day El Moochadores!

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