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Hey El Moochadores; If you’re looking for a truly astounding adventure story then you’re going to want to pick up Chris Wooding’s Ketty Jay novels. All of them! I just finished reading the fourth, and last, novel about captain Darian Frey and his intrepid crew, and it really is an adrenaline fueled piece of fantasy excellence! Okay, I know I sound like a bad movie announcer (or maybe just a bad book reviewer…), but these books are fun in a way most other books just aren’t. In writing Tales of the Ketty Jay Wooding shows his talent as an adventure author and gives readers a detailed world with all the explosions, gun fights, sword fights, lurid romance, and even magic, that’ll ever want in any one book. keen.

In The Ace of Skulls (Titan Books, 2014) readers join the Ketty Jay crew as they’re doing their best to avoid the civil war – that they sort of caused. The land of Vardia is now in the middle of war between Coalition forces and the Awakener cult, but none of this matters to Frey. He’s too busy tracking down the lost love of his life, and pirate queen, Trinica Dracken. I really enjoyed how Wooding was able to weave personal dramas, a lot of humor, and fantasy/steampunk-ish (though Wooding himself has said these books aren’t steampunk) elements into a such a satisfying tale. Although Frey is supposed to be an “anti-hero” type (think Bogart in Casablanca), this last novel shows how much he’s come to rely on his crew, which is now more of a make-shift family. Wooding also does an excellent job of diversifying the personalities of the crew. To new readers they may at first seem to follow conventional stereo types, but as you get deeper into the novel each character comes into their own. Well, except for the bully, Pinn. He’s pretty much what you expect him to be all the way through.

All in all though, I’ve got no complaints about The Ace of Skulls. It’s one of the best books I’ve read this year (well, last year by now) and a much needed escape from the real world. If you haven’t experienced any of Wooding’s previous Ketty Jay novels, don’t worry. You can read this one, and go back and read the others. Each one is exceptional, and thought they build on each other, the stories are well worth the time to read and re-read!

The Ace of Skulls is available now in all major book stores, or you can get your copy online at Titanbooks.com!

Check out a synopsis of the story below!

The intrepid crew of the Ketty Jay have been shot down, set up, doubled-crossed and ripped off. They’ve stolen priceless treasures, destroyed a 10,000-year-old Azryx city and sort-of-accidentally blown up the son of the Archduke. Now they’ve gone and started a civil war. This time, they’re really in trouble.

As Vardia descends into chaos, Captain Darian Frey is doing his best to keep his crew out of it. He’s got his mind on other things, not least the fate of Trinica Dracken. But wars have a way of dragging people in, and sooner or later they’re going to have to pick a side. It’s a choice they’ll be staking their lives on. Cities fall and daemons rise. Old secrets are uncovered and new threats revealed. When the smoke clears, who will be left standing?

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