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Good morning El Moochadores! Did you ever eat a bunch of pizza, and then fart yourself awake all night? No. Mean neither. Anyways, on this Morning Moo we got some amazing creative projects. Check out some stunning fan art, the best armor ever, and a vampire film by Flight of the Concords, Jemaine Clement!

It’s all good.

Gwen Stacy by SourAcid!


Via Deviant Art: To kick off this Morning Moo, check out some stunning art by South African artist Karl Liversidge (aka: SourAcid)! I’ve posted a few other samples of his amazing work below, but hit the links above to see more!

supergirl_by_souracid-d8fbcqp bat_girl_by_souracid-d8fydyg

Medieval Lord Vader Custom Armor by Azmal!


and here I thought I would never want to cosplay. …and when I do see the costume I want, it’s all in leather. wtf? Anyways; Also via Deviant Art: Check out this frigg’n awesome Medieval Darth Vader custom armor by Samuel Lee (aka: Azmal)! You check out more of Azmal’s fantastic custom leather work at!



What We Do In The Shadows: The American Release!


Via Kickstarter: The creators of Flight of the Concords check out the Kickstarter to help bring this film to the us. Produced (and starring) Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, the film is a mockumentary that follows the lives (un-lives) of three vampires living in the modern age. There’s only 12 days left on the kickstarter campaign, so get them wallets out folks! This looks pretty damn awesome! For more information check out the link above, or follow the films progress on Facebook. Check out the films kickstarter video below along with the trailer!


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