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Good morning El Moochadores. I’m tired. I woke up early after having a nightmare about an ex-girl friend and a toilet that wouldn’t work. The cheif gold fish at corporate promised they’d fix the toilet, but the girl still insisted she wasn’t “in to me anymore.” Too bad therapy is for the rich. Oh, and happy Superbowl day. I’m not sure if it’s a holiday yet, and if it is, it wouldn’t surprise me, but I just thought I’d put that out there. Not that I give a shit about sports. In fact the illustration above (by Hal Hefner, kinda sums up my feelings toward the sport. Damn, I need more sleep.

Anyways: Today is a work day, so this’ll have to be a quick Morning Moo. Check out a 3D printed-Iron Man “Hulk Buster” Costume, and a very cool Lego sculpture!

XRobots – Iron Man HULKBUSTER Part 1 – My Next Iron Man Suit Project!


Via CBR: Okay; so this series, which is fascinating, has many, many parts (23 Videos in all).HulkBuster However, I’m only going to post the first one and trust that you all will hit the links to watch maker James Bruton recreate the Hulk-Busting armor from the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron film! In this series you can watch as he goes through the design and fabrication of the suit using 3-D printed parts. You can also see more of James’s stuff at

Very Cool.

Mom Builds Lego Hogwarts. All of It!!!


Via My Modern Met: It took Seattle mother, Alice Finch, a year to put together this incredible 400,000-piece Lego model of Hogwarts. According to the article Finch spent a good deal of time studying the Harry Potter books and films to get the model as accurate as possible. When finished, Finch showed the piece at BrickCon 2012 and took home two awards! Check out some images of the model below. More images can be found through the My Modern Met link above.

finch9 finch5 finch2

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  1. I can’t walk past a newsstand (where?) without seeing “Obey,” and “Consume.”

    Where do you get pink goblet Legos? I’m behind the times.

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